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Paris to Expand District Cooling Network as Global Warming Boosts Aircon

Reuters Summary Paris plans to expand its urban cooling system, which uses a network of underground water pipes, and make it available to small companies and residential buildings as global warming increases the number of aircon units in the city, deputy mayor Jean-Louis Missika said on Monday...

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Parisian community recognised for its geothermal heating network

Alexander Richter, Think GeoEnergy Summary The community of Meaux in the Paris area in France has received a distriction as “ecorésau de Chaleaur” (loosely translated as “ecological heating network”). The municipality of Meaux received the label “Ecoréseau de chaleur”, awarded by the National...

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Disneyland Paris Hopes To Get Glow From Solar Power

Christian Sylt, Forbes Summary Theme park operator Disneyland Paris has revealed that it is considering building a massive solar power plant which would supply 15% of the electricity at its sprawling site on the outskirts of Paris. It follows the recent opening of a similar facility at Walt...

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New "eco"-district in Paris, France to be fully heated by geothermal energy

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Summary Work is ongoing for the new eco-district in Paris, France which will be fully heated by geothermal energy. Built on a former railway wasteland, the eco-district Clichy Batignolles in the city of Paris, France is entirely heated by geothermal energy...

39th Euroheat & Power Congress

39th Euroheat & Power Congress Our industry is moving forward and continuing to grow into 2019 and, #19EHPcong is where the industry comes together to plan for the future and keep this success story going. Join hundreds of other District Energy leaders and likeminded professionals at the...

 05-06-2019 08:30 - 05-08-2019 16:00 FR

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A Simple Trick That Could Boost District Heating Efficiency

Jason Deign, Greentech Media Summary French energy efficiency leader Dalkia is rolling out a software platform that could improve district heating system efficiency in France by up to 3 percent. The platform, developed as part of an IT project called Rézonance, could also help Dalkia boost...

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ENGIE and Nexity to develop sustainable ‘eco-district’ in Paris

Priyanka Shrestha, Energy Live News Image: Shutterstock Summary French utility ENGIE is teaming up with real estate developer Nexity to develop a sustainable “eco-district” in Paris. They have joined forces to transform a nine hectares plot of industrial land at La Garenne-Colombes...

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More than 10,000 homes heated by geothermal energy in Grigny and Viry-Châtillon, France

Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy Geothermal heating plant of Sipperec in Rosny-sous-Bois, France (source: SIPPEREC) Summary Inaugurated earlier this month, the new heating network Grigny and Viry Chatillon already produces 124 GWh heat on an annual basis, the equivalent of heating...

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Paris is building the eco-community of the future right now. Here's how.

Susannah Shmurak, Ensia Photos Courtesy of © Sergio Grazia Summary Every so often an environmentally friendly building gives us a glimpse of the low-carbon future so many climate plans envision. With the development of Clichy-Batignolles , the city of Paris has created a...

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The Mediterranean Helps Boost the Energy Needs of Marseille

Euronews Summary The Mediterranean has become even more important for Marseille. France's second largest city keeps growing and energy needs follow that growth. New needs that could have a solution in renewable sources of energy, such as the sea. The energy released by the difference in...